Taff’s Groom Room services and price list 


Here at Taff’s, we offer one to one professional dog grooming in a relaxed home environment. We have a dog chill out area and secure garden for playtime and comfort breaks. Our aim is to make your dogs

Grooming experience with us, an enjoyable one and to fulfil your expectations and requirements.


Full Body Style - From £25* - Includes a full body wash, blow dry, nail trim, ear clean, hygiene trim, feet tidy and full body styling. Recommended for wool or silky coated breeds


Hand strip - Add £15* to full groom price - Includes a full body wash, blow dry, nail trim and ear clean, hygiene trim and feet tidy. We remove the dead outer coat from your dog by hand to reveal the true colour and texture.

Recommended for rough, wiry coated breeds.


Coat Maintenance - From £20*- Includes a full body wash, blow dry, nail trim, ear clean, hygiene trim, feet and coat tidy. Recommended for smooth, short or long haired breeds or coats that are prone to knotting.


Introductory puppy ( Up to 7 months) - From £15* - Puppies need to experience contact and regular handling. Your puppy will be rewarded with positive praise throughout. Includes wash and dry process, a good brush through,  hygiene trim, nail trim, pad clean, foot trim and tidy around the eyes.


Wash and blow dry - from £15* - Full body wash and blow dry. Great for dogs that like to swim in the Sea or roll in the mud... or worse! Our shampoos are hand picked to suit each individual dogs coat and needs.


🐾 Hypo-Allergenic - fragrance free shampoo for skin allergies and sensitivities.

🐾 Soothing Oatmeal & Aloe for Dry and itchy skin relief  

🐾 Essential oils of lemongrass and citrus for a naturally flea defence 

🐾 Organic shea butter and green tea for loosening dead coat & better air flow.

🐾Aloe Vera & Mint mineral mud bath - conditions, exfoliates and hydrates for coat renewal.  

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