Teeth Cleaning -

Course of 7 sessions £110 (including brush head) - 

Pay as you go £30 for first session (including brush head) and £15 per session - 

We use ultrasonic teeth cleaning which combines ultrasound air oscillations with ultrasound nano-bubble toothpaste to penetrate and soften tartar, which is then removed with dental descaler. Tartar that has built up on teeth over time will need multiple sessions and a course is recommended.

Nail clip & pad wax - £10 - 

We scrub the dirty paws clean and clip nails, before using natural coconut oil and eucalyptus paw wax which soothes and moisturises. This treatment helps cracked or damaged paws and keeps them in great condition.

Ear clean & Pluck- £10 -

We use a menthol and aloe Vera ear wash which naturally cools the ear area. We use 100% natural organic mineral powder which not only assists in removing the hair, but also helps to control moisture within.

De matting policy - 

If your dogs coat is heavily matted and needs to be clipped off we will charge you the price of a full groom and ask that you complete a consent to clip form.

If we find areas of matting that we can clip out or remove with tools, we will add £10 to your groom price due to extra time taken. We will advise you on brushing techniques that can be completed regularly at home.

Please bear in mind that de matting can be stressful and painful for your dog and their welfare is our top



*Prices may vary depending on the breed & size of your dog and the condition of its coat. Please feel free to send us a picture so we can give you an accurate quote before you arrive.


Thank you 🙏🏼 

Steph & Taff 🐾

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